Saturday, August 13, 2011

Maine / Pine Tree State, Hand Painted Glass Christmas Ornament 3 1/8"


Hand painted glass Christmas ornament featuring the state of Maine outlined in gold glitter. Inside that is a depiction of a sunrise along Maine's tree lined rocky seacoast. On the outside to the left and right are snow covered pine trees- Maine's state tree and  a couple of chickadees - Maine's state bird. Portland Head Light is depicted below along with the state nickname, "The Pine Tree State" in green lettering. At the top is the state name "Maine". Surrounding all of this is a stripe similar to a candy cane of red white green and gold. The rest of the ornament is dark green.

How Made: Started out as a clear glass ornament which  was primed with white pigmented shellac, painted with acrylic paint, decorated with glitter and finished with a clear gloss acrylic coating.

Date: Painted in Fall of 2010

Status: Sold

Artist: David S. Straughan of Pelham, NH