Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mouse Giving Cheese to a Cat, 2 1/2" Hand Painted Glass Christmas Ornament

Cat/Mouse Christmas Ornament
Cat/Mouse Christmas Ornament

Hand painted 2 1/2" glass Christmas ornament that shows a smiling mouse in a Santa hat sitting on a piece of cheese and giving some of it to a cat.  Above this in red letters is the phrase  "Merry Christmas". To the left of that is a grouping of glittering holly leafs and berries. The background is white which blends to yellow then orange. This whole scene is encircled  by a stripe of gold glitter. Some glitter has also been applied to the mouse's Santa hat. The rest of the ornament is red.

Date:  Painted in  December 2011

Status: This item is gone

Artist:  David Straughan