Wednesday, November 14, 2012

St. Kathryn Church, Hudson, NH, Hand Painted Glass "Peace" Christmas Ornament #2

 St Kathryn's Church, Hudson, NH / Peace Christmas Ornament #2

Hand painted 3 1/8" glass Christmas ornament that shows a snow covered St. Kathryn's Church in Hudson, NH on Christmas eve. Above the church in a starlit sky is written, "Peace". The scene is encircled by a pointy stripe of gold glitter. The rest of the ornament is dark blue with a gloss finish.
This is the second one of this design that I have made. The only differences from the original are that the "P" in the word "Peace" was changed to better match the rest of letters in the word, and a slightly different blue color for the background was used, and ultramarine blue mixed with white rather than phthlocyanine blue was used to make the snow. The ultramarine blue makes the snow look less greenish and more normal.

Status: Sold

Painted by:  David S. Straughan of Pelham, NH
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