Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pelham Center at Christmas

Pelham Center at Chrisrmastime
Pelham Center at Chrisrmastime

The painting is a Christmastime view along snow covered Common Street in Pelham, NH. To the left behind a snow bank and a post and rail fence is a row of maple trees with glowing yellowish white lights. Behind that is the town common where you will see a white gazebo, the Butler monument (Butler was Pelham's first settler), a flag pole and two large evergreen trees. The road beyond is Main Street. Then toward the center of the painting is The First Congregational Church with its windows all lit up, wreaths on its doors, and its clock reading 8 o'clock. Further to the right is the old Pelham Library (now The Pelham Historical Society). In the foreground to the right is a lamppost with a wreath and a snow covered evergreen tree, neither of which actually exist there, but I thought they made a good addition to that area of the painting. The sky is very dark blue around the edges then becoming lighter toward the center and featuring one large star to the upper right of the church and a number of smaller ones throughout.

Medium: Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

Size: 18" x 24"

Date painted: 2010

Status: No longer available for sale

Price: $300.00

Artist: David S. Straughan

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