Monday, November 4, 2013

Flamingo with Gift, Hand Painted 3 1/8" Christmas Ornament

Flamingo with Gift, Christmas Ornament
Flamingo with Gift, Christmas Ornament

Description: Hand painted 3 1/8" glass Christmas ornament that shows a pink flamingo in a Santa hat. He's standing with one foot in the ocean near the waters edge and holding a gift with the other foot. To the left is an island with  three glittering palm trees. To the right in red letters is written the phrase, "Merry Christmas".  The background is white. A stripe of gold glitter encircles the whole scene. The rest of the ornament is red with a high gloss finish.

How Made:
Started out as a clear glass ornament which was primed with white pigmented shellac, painted with acrylic paint, and finished with a clear gloss acrylic coating.

Date: Painted in October 2013

Status: Available for sale

Price: $36.00

Artist: David S Straughan of Pelham, NH
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