Saturday, January 3, 2015

Our Lady of Fatima, Hand Painted Glass Christmas Ornament

Our Lady of Fatima, Hand Painted Glass Christmas Ornament

Hand painted 3 1/8" glass Christmas ornament showing Our Lady of Fatima standing on a cloud and holding Rosary beads with a gold crucifix. She is depicted in white with gold along the edges of her cloak. She has a gold glitter halo with 12 gold stars encircling her head and she sends forth bright light in every direction. The background has green shrubs and trees and a deep blue sky with a few puffy clouds. This is all encircled by two stripes of gold glitter, between which are 12 red roses with their leaves on a white background. The rest of the ornament is a translucent blue color with a high gloss acrylic finish.

How Made:
Started out as a frosted glass ornament which was painted with acrylic paint, decorated with glitter and  finished with a clear gloss acrylic coating.

 Date: Painted in December 2014

Status: This item is gone but another can be painted upon your request.

Artist: David S Straughan of Pelham, NH
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