Saturday, November 14, 2015

Two Beagles and a Box, Glass Christmas Ornament

two beagles box
Two Beagles and a Box

Description: Hand painted 3 1/8" glass Christmas ornament that shows a beagle puppy poking its head and front paws out of a green and silver gift box. Another beagle, to the right, is about to pounce on a red ribbon on the floor. Behind them is a glittering Christmas tree.The background is a white oval area which blends to yellow, then orange, then red which covers the rest of the ornament. Silver glitter has been applied to the side of the box. The whole ornament is coated with a clear gloss acrylic polyurethane.

How Made:
Started out as a frosted glass ornament which was painted with acrylic paint, and  finished with a clear gloss acrylic coating.

Date: Painted in November 2015

Status: Sold

Price: $36.00

Artist: David S Straughan of Pelham, NH
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