Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Old Man of the Mountain Christmas Ornament

The old man of the mountain ornament
Old Man of the Mountain 

Hand painted 3 1/4" glass Christmas
ornament that shows The Old Man of the Mountain covered with snow among some pine trees on a starlit night. Above this in white lettering is the title which says, "THE OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN ". Then below is the state name "NEW HAMPSHIRE" The background is dark translucent blue. The whole ornament is coated with a clear gloss acrylic polyurethane.

How Made:
Started out as a frosted glass ornament which was painted with acrylic paint, and  finished with a clear gloss acrylic coating.

Date: Painted in December 2015

Status: Gave it to a relative

Value: $36.00

Artist: David S Straughan of Pelham, NH
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